Surabhi Ganguly and Tanya Kane are classmates and ex-students of St. Joseph’s High School, Pashan, Pune. Their teenage years saw them working together in many extra curricular school events, including playing together for the school and district basketball team.

team good by nature

Tanya Kane

Tanya Kane is an economics graduate, mother and animal lover, who ensures that every task she takes up is backed up with intent and passion. The co-founder of ResQ Charitable Trust, Pune’s largest animal welfare organisation, she has managed to find enough time aside from her charitable work to also setup two entrepreneurial ventures. The Pawsh was the first of it’s kind in the city, back in 2008, as a setup that provides essential and ethical pet services to the ever expanding demographic of pet owners. Kids Ahoy, on the other hand, creates an atmosphere for children in the city to have access to free and safe play area.

Anybody who knows Tanya can vouch for her organisational skills and her attention to detail, which is why every effort from her is always known for its reliability, quality and authenticity.

Surabhi Ganguly

An engineer by profession, Surabhi Ganguly, kissed her corporate life with Bosch, Bangalore goodbye so that she could live a simple life amidst nature. While she regularly jokes that she took early retirement, it seems like for her life has only just begun!

A keen sense for adventure and passion for ethical food means her life is now a far cry from the urban hullabaloo: Working farms in Italy, living a country life with her brood of animals, baking bread in her self built wood fired oven and even tailoring her own clothes! For her, less is definitely more and experiences are chosen over things.
An open mind and willingness to learn means that Surabhi is always upto acquiring a new skill, reading a new book or researching how to build a website!

In September 2019, Surabhi attended a course called “A-Z of Biodiversity, Agroecology and Organic Food Systems” at the Earth University in Navdanya. Learning from renowned faculty from all over the world, as well as local farmers with invaluable traditional knowledge, she has learnt about farming and food systems that coexist with nature, producing nutrition and health through balanced ecosystems.

Her scientific background means there is always method in her madness!
Surabhi’s peers will vouch for how systematic, efficient and committed she is.