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The Making of a Conscious Community

Continuation of our series, see previous post. It has been a journey since our very first CoCo Market, and now in the middle of a pandemic it feels like the things we have been talking about all this time is exactly what gives us hope for the future. Do watch our latest video on the…

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Our Role when it comes to Supporting Farmers

Every time there is a calamity, whether it is because of conflict, or weather conditions, or economic situation or even during a global pandemic, we find out that farmers always have a specially difficult situation. What is the role that we can play in lending the farmer a helping hand? The choices we make when…

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Together we are Better | A COnscious COmmunity creates impact!

The CoCo Weekend went by in a whirlwind, and in the aftermath, Tanya Kane writes straight from the heart about how the community rallied around the event to make it a grand success! Must-read piece that highlights the importance of building a conscious community!

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