Natural Herbal Jaggery(Flavoured)900 gm


We are very excited while presenting you freshly made “Natural Herbal Jaggery” which is infused with organic medicinal herbs viz. A2 desi cow ghee, ginger, green & black cardamom, fennel seeds (saunf) and nutmeg. The reason behind infusing the highly medicinal herbs in jaggery is to increase the nutritional properties of organic jaggery even further which will add tremendous value to anyone’s diet.

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The main ingredient in Natural Herbal Jaggery; organic sugarcane is harvested using naturally made fertilizers like jeevamrut, panchgavya, waste decomposer and dashparni ark. Each ingredient is certified organic and sourced from different parts of India which are very indigenous and native variety of that region.

 A2 desi cow ghee is sourced from the organic farmer where all desi cows can graze on an open grass field or farm field. Raw organic Ginger is sourced from the foothills of mighty Himalayan mountains where it is widely grown in the forest. Organic green & black cardamom is sourced from a farmer who are working on the model of carbon farming or forest farming in the western ghats of Kerala. Fennel seeds (saunf) is sourced from an organic farmer group in Rajasthan. Organic nutmeg is sourced from forest farmer of western ghats of Karnataka. 


We at Soilaroma organic farm foods are committed to supplying 100% natural, indigenous, healthy and nutritious food. Our mission at Soilaroma is to provide every family with an opportunity to put the healthiest food on their plates.

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