Earthquake Boy – Leela Gour Broome


January 2001: A twelve-year-old boy is found under a pile of rubble after the devastating earthquake in Bhuj. Miraculously, he’s still alive. But he doesn’t remember anything—not even his name. Binna—the boy with no name—is slowly recuperating in a hospital, when he overhears he’s going to be transferred to an orphanage. Terrified at the thought, Binna runs away to Mumbai, becoming one of the many homeless children in the city. Living out of a rest room in Charni Road station, Binna soon finds work in a nearby Udupi restaurant and develops a bond with his fellow workers. But after two terrifying encounters with a local criminal and his gang of thieves and beggars, he is eventually taken in by an NGO that cares for young runaways. Here, he forms deep friendships and grapples with memories from his past—a Ganesha idol, the smell of incense and the familiar lilt of Marathi. Will Binna ever find his way back to his family? Heart-warming and moving, Earthquake Boy is a compelling adventure story that brings to life the reality of abandoned and orphaned children living on their own in the big cities of India.

Publisher – Speaking Tiger

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About the Author

Leela Gour Broome is a teacher and committed environmentalist. She has degrees in Western classical music and English Literature. For two decades she has combined music and literature with her love for nature by directing nature and environment camps for kids on her farm with her husband. She has years of experience teaching music and performing arts to children, and has conducted workshops for teachers in music, the performing arts, and creative writing. She also conducts book-reading sessions, language- and literature-related workshops for schools and at literature festivals around the country. Her short stories and cartoons have been published in several publications.

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