Black Baza Coffee – Microlot Jenu – 250 gms


This is a toffee sweet 100& Arabica. Black Baza decided to do microlots because Indian coffee is simply far too diverse and heterogenous to standardise a roast and call it a day! Also, because they work directly with so many smallholder producers, they end up with beautiful but very small lots of coffee.

Blend : Honey Parchment Arabica
Form : Ground Powder
Roast : Medium Dark Roast
Grind Size : Medium Grind

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Honey process coffee has become a rage across the world. It started off in Costa Rica in the early 2000s as a way to standardise washing units and regulate the amount of water used for ‘washing’ coffee. It really caught on during a spell of drought when producers just could not access the water needed for pulping and washing coffee. Depending on peoples’ access to water, their coffee would range from white to yellow to red to black honey process – with the dark honey process removing the least amount of mucilage which means using the least amount of water for washing. Many of Black Baza’s coffees from BR Hills are default honey-ish. Hand pulpers hardly use water and there is no traditional ‘washing’ that you might see in other production areas. This could be called a more intentional honey processed coffee!

This is a Fair Trade Certified Product. 

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