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Popularly known as saunf in Hindi, fennel is an aromatic herb belonging to the parsley family. It is used as a spice and also possesses a sweet taste that is similar to anise. Apart from being used for adding flavour, fennel seeds have various health benefits, the biggest one being that it works as a great antioxidant. The seeds curb unwanted free radical reactions in the body and also prevent many diseases that can get serious at a later stage. Some of the antioxidants in these seeds are kaemoferol and quercetin that are known to prevent degenerative reactions and are useful in fighting the signs of ageing as well. Another active ingredient in fennel seeds is anethole–a highly effective anti-inflammatory essential oil.

Bee Basket honey is raw honey! Raw honey is the honey which is not heated, pasteurised or processed in any way. Why choose Raw Honey? Commercial honey is often heavily processed and may even have been chemically refined. Excessive heat destroys the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals in honey. Filtering and processing eliminate many of the beneficial phytonutrients including pollen and enzyme-rich propolis.

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Bee Basket honey is the genuine honey in its purest form. It is properly tested at authorised laboratories and released in the market after passing all necessary tests. Bee Basket honey is delicious. Its taste, aroma and colour are based on the flora used by honeybees to produce the honey. Bee Basket honey tends to crystallize since granulation of honey is a natural process which does not affect the quality of honey. Main objective of introducing Bee Basket honey is to provide genuine honey to society without killing honeybees and without destroying their nests i.e.bee hives. In short, Bee Basket takes into consideration wellness of both people and honeybees.

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