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Our Role when it comes to Supporting Farmers

Every time there is a calamity, whether it is because of conflict, or weather conditions, or economic situation or even during a global pandemic, we find out that farmers always have a specially difficult situation. What is the role that we can play in lending the farmer a helping hand? The choices we make when it comes to our food, is something we need to know more about. Surabhi Ganguly speaks about our role when it comes to supporting farmers.

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2 thoughts on “Our Role when it comes to Supporting Farmers

  1. You are doing a great job madam. Whereas the farmers need to not only understand the importance of multi-cropping, organic, sustainable methods of farming but to actually shift to it, the consumers also need to support it. And you explained it nicely.
    Hope, the Good by Nature culture will find wide acceptance and support by urbanites. My best wishes

    1. Thank you, your support and appreciation keeps us motivated!

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