Organic Farming at The Bishop’s School

As part of our wish for impact, we have decided to invest our time in youth. The final goal would be to have a program that encourages the youth to get involved in organic farming and sustainable living through as many schools as possible, in Pune and then Pan-India. Help them reconnect with the soil. Let them be the change makers that can reverse the damage of our negligence. Protect our planet’s resources. Respect nature. Co-exist in harmony. Choose wisely.

With this vision, we founded the Bishop’s Organic Farming Club, or the BOF Club, with enthusiastic students and teachers of The Bishop’s School, Pune. Through this club, we hold regular discussions about the basics of organic farming, and have also planned day long workshops and talks on aspects on sustainable living.

The school has been highly supporting with this concept and have allocated vast spaces of land, so we can convert decorative gardens into food forests. The students are encouraged to work with their hands in the soil, and have had to participate in every step from acquiring soil and manure, digging trenches to control water flow, digging pits and planting indegenous fruit trees, and now also procuring and planting seeds to create a biodiverse food patch.

The project began in February 2019 and will be an ongoing activity for years to come.