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COVID SUPPORT – Help Farmers Feed The Hungry

GOODbynature campaign to help farmers feed the hungry was execute in the months of April and May 2020.

The COVID crisis unearths new problems each day. We already know about the HUGE crisis of daily wage, migrant and people who have lost income because of the lockdown. While a population goes hungry without food, another population stares at ruin because they are unable to sell the food that they have grown.

Farmers who have crop ready for sale are unable to sell their crop because of breaks in the distribution system. Moreover, they are being offered unfair prices for their harvest, which makes their entire season of growing meaningless.

We have worked out a solution where you can help both situations. We are creating a special series of purchasable products on our website, where you can buy produce directly from the farmer, which will be delivered directly to NGOs who are organising food for the needy. All these purchases will be transparently transferred to the farmers collective, no margins will be retained. Furthermore, will absorb hosting and development costs for these products on this portal.

All the farmers that benefit from this scheme belong to the network under BAIF. BAIF helps them train in sustainable agricultural practices.

The partner organization, VAPCOL (Vasundhara Agri Horti Co Producer Ltd), serves as an interface between farmer and consumer to facilitate the sale of produce.

All the food that is purchased through this initiative will be donated to one of the following organisations:

  1. Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha in Ganesh Peth, Pune. They are feeding nearly 4000 people every day in Pune. They rely on donation of dry rations, vegetables and funds .
  2. Mashal NGO, Pune. They are supplying food kits to 2000 families. They are also working with cooked food based on the circumstances of certain families.
  3. We are in touch with construction sites and people who are working with slum areas in Pune to provide fresh produce based on the demand.

The donation will be based on the current requirement for the specific vegetable produce at these organisations.


We will keep this page updated so that you know where each batch of produce is delivered.

6th April: 1190 kg delivered to Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha

8th April: 2410 kg delivered to Mashal NGO for further distribution to slums and construction sites.

13th April: 2000 kg delivered to Niwara old age home and to an orphanage in Manjri

15th April: 1500 kg delivered to Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha, 1500 kg delivered to an NGO near Khadakwasla through a contribution by Zentest  Software, 600 kg delivered to SOS childrens orphanage

18th April: 3500 kg delivered to construction sites with a contribution from SJ Contracts

22nd April: 1100 delivered to a community kitchen in Alandi coordinated by the Robin Hood Army

26th April: 600 kg delivered to SOS childrens orphanage

3rd May: 1000 kg to PMC Shelter via Mashal NGO

6th May: 550 kg to SJ contracts construction site

17th May: 560 kg to ground team of MLA Siddharth Shirole for community kitchen