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Come Forage with Me | Madhuri Vijaykumar

Continuation of our series, see previous post.

We explore sustainable living with a twist this week with this video that shows us how one can learn how to find food in the wild and start noticing the details in nature in order to fend for ourselves.

Madhuri lives in a village in Kumaon Uttarakhand in the Central Himalayas. Unapologetically introverted, free-spirited and still a child at heart, she thrives in the wilderness and solitude. Madhuri curates experiences for people to help them connect with nature and their inner selves through yoga, meditation, outdoor living and working with their hands. In her free time, she is a slave to her two dogs for whom she will do almost anything.

Being GOODbynature is about being able to coexist with nature, respect the abundance that nature provides and live within our means. This video gives us perspective about this lifestyle.

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