About Us

What began as a project to create availability of sustainable products, is now a movement to create impact. We want more people to understand what being sustainable really means. Our aim is to spread awareness about simple choices made on an everyday basis that can make us more responsible. Moreover, we want the youth to step in and be responsible. And we want wider and deeper outreach through COnscious COmmunities. Learn about why we believe we are good by nature!

From environmental degradation to plastic pollution, modern lifestyles have not been very friendly to the planet.
While we wait for government policies, it is also important to be aware and make conscious choices.

Change is most effective when we work together, which is why The CoCo Market, Pune was founded in June 2017. An effort to bring together the COnscious COmmunity, where customers, small businesses, products, and individuals can meet and support each other .

For change we need more impact and awareness, which is why the next step is to take the concept online and reach out to a wider audience. This goes hand in hand with our other projects on the ground to spread awareness in schools, communities and like minded organisations.
Most importantly, we wish to support our communities that are GOODbynature, by encouraging choices and products that are GOODbynature!

GOODbynature is a brand that represents responsible trade, of artisan products, to build communities based on trust, good intention and fairness. We are a community supported initiative supporting livelihoods in a circular economy.

The support we have received from the community is very evident in our successful crowdfunding campaign.

This website is a one-stop destination that provides information, spreads awareness, and connects you to authentic, reliable, verified, local businesses and products that help you lead The CoCo Life!