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6 Ways in which The CoCo Market changed our Lives

Come June 10th, and we will be back at Lifepro Fitness Club, Panchavati, Pashan – setting up and running the 13th Pashan edition of The CoCo Market. A year has gone by, and the very first market in June 2017 is still so fresh and distinct in our memory.

When Tanya and I started the market last year, we spent days brainstorming and reaching out to farmers, producers and growers, trying to tell them what we had in mind with our monthly market and trying to get them on board. Was it good karma or pure coincidence that we found so many like minded people willing to work together, we would never know, but we keep thanking our stars that the community that we find around us is exactly what we were seeking when we began last year. It was only apt when we renamed the event as The CoCo Market – representing the COnscious COmmunity Market which includes all our consumers and vendors under one happy umbrella.

One year on, a lot has changed in the way we live, shop and eat – so here’s a round up to all the ways this event has changed our lives!

The food we eat goes way beyond our plates

Ask us what we ate for lunch, and be prepared to hear a full description about every ingredient that has gone into our meal. From the variety and source of rice and wheat, the kind of oil it was cooked in, the source of the vegetables as well as the names of the cows that supplied the dairy – our description will make you travel to every farm that has grown our meal.

We have become mini (unpaid) brand ambassadors

A lot of the accessories we carry on us are from The CoCo Market – from hand bags to wallets, shopping bags to pencils. And we will make sure that the people we talk to hear all about it. Visit our homes and hear all about the hand made soaps, bamboo products and home cleaning products that we cannot live without.

Gifting has gone eco-friendly

All gifts for all special occasions are sourced from The CoCo Market. From childrens books and toys, to that prized jar of ghee or honey. And friends who fall ill are sure to get a goody bag full of market sourced health supplements!

We are ready to hit the road

Tell us about a farm we haven’t visited yet, and we are already planning our next outing. We are so keen to hit the road and visit more farms that grow our food!

Food snobbery is a big part of our lives

We are difficult to please, especially when it comes to eating out. Our taste buds have become super sensitive to commercial ingredients, and even the fanciest restaurants often leave us disappointed. The snobbery extends to the families as well – Tanya’s daughter, Sara, recently announced that she would only eat mangoes if they were from the market!

We know how little we know

The more we meet people working in this field, the more we realise how little we know about it, and we spend a lot of our time reading and researching about food, farming and community practices.